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3 Industries that Hire NDT Technicians Round the Year

As the demand for NDT (nondestructive testing) technicians in the US continues to surge, it’s not surprising that many people are contemplating this field as their career. Offering higher pay, work-life balance, and other perks, it is an excellent career choice for the young, as well as those looking for a change of pace. And once you have an NDT training certification, you have plenty of employment opportunities to consider. Here are three industries in which you can easily get employment as an NDT technician:...read more

Importance of NDT Testing In The Aerospace Industry

If aerospace parts are made with flaws and inaccuracies, the repercussions can be quite catastrophic. The lives of operators who work with these parts could be in jeopardy if those parts are not properly analyzed for their functionality and accuracy. Not just that, a lot of the money invested in the making of those critical parts could go to waste.....read more

NDT Level 1 Certification Is Not Enough, Getting Level 2 Certification Is Important

We already know that NDT is a fantastic career option that offers multiple job opportunities in different industries and pays well too. To get started in this field, you first need to become a Level 1 NDT technician. NDT Level 1 training is important and gets you started as an apprentice. But it is recommended that after completing Level 1 training, you should then move on to the Level 2 NDT certification....read more

Digital Radiography Has Improved Upon Conventional Radiography And Made The Job Easier

Industrial radiography is used extensively as a nondestructive testing method for a variety of applications. When we talk about conventional radiography, silver halide film is used for creating an exposure. But progress in technology has enabled us to do all of it digitally. Modern devices are used to create a radiograph that develops an image composed of pixels on a computer screen. We no longer have to depend on film to create a radiograph...read more

Take NDT Technician Course And Make Yourself Eligible For An Amazing Career

Deciding what our career is going to be is something that requires careful consideration. You want to spend your life doing something that adds value to the lives of others, pays well, and is enjoyable too. If you are someone who wants to use both his/her mind and hands equally then there’s a career for you....read more

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - What It Covers, Scope in the US & Importance of Training

A large number of students coming out of high school have no idea what their plans are for the future. Many of them are unaware of the opportunities that are right in front of them. Wouldn't you like to know where you can find a job that pays well with opportunities to travel and earn more as you learn? With Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), you can do all of those things and much more....read more

Cut down your Employee Training Costs with Online NDT Courses

Are you looking for smarter ways to offer NDT training to your employees that is available at any time, allowing them to train at their own pace with the best instructors in almost any location with consistency? Online NDT certification courses are the solution! The courses are designed to deliver the highest quality NDT training to individuals over the Internet through video and creating an engaging and interactive experience for learners that don't just allow organizations to train their employees but helps them cut down their training costs to a great extent...read more

5 Techniques Used by NDT Professionals For Inspection in the Oil & Gas Industry

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a common phenomenon in the Oil & Gas industry. In order to address various issues regarding equipment performance, component reliability, environmental protection, and government regulations, several different inspection methods are used by NDT professionals to achieve complete safety in operations—without causing any interruptions or shut down...read more

Everything You Need to Know About Launching your Career in NDT

Maintaining equipment quality as per industry-acclaimed standards in order to yield superior work productivity, is one of the persistent hurdles industries like manufacturing, energy, nuclear, oil & gas, aerospace and more face on a day to day basis... read more

Be a Part of the Thriving Facility Integrity Assessment Industry

In order to unlock optimum potential, a facility has to focus on optimizing its collection of industrial equipment without incurring any unwanted investment. Thanks to NDT inspection methods, the assessment processes have become more fluent and cost-effective these days... read more

4 Things You Get To Learn During Magnetic Particle Testing Programs

Magnetic Particle Testing is one of the most widely used techniques for detecting discontinuities in different materials. This method works best for locating cracks in ferromagnetic metals, such as iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloys. NDT professionals use this methodology for avoiding stress and corrosion related issues in piping systems. This technology is highly reliable and cost-effective in nature... read more

Charting a Road-map to a Career in Non-Destructive Testing Domain

Project management is a demanding profession. From creating strategies for smooth project operation to handling the project budgets, such professionals have to deal with a plethora of tasks. They are responsible for successful completion of projects and have to take care of every obstacle that hinders their progress. Building a career in this field is not as easy as it sounds. Along with excellent presentation and communication skills, you need to acquire the skill of handling multiple tasks at one time... read more

4 Reasons To Get Project Management Professional Certification

Non-destructive testing (NDT) careers are on the rise these days due to advancing infrastructure projects. Technicians, quality assurance specialists and inspectors working with non-destructive materials and structures play a crucial role in quality control. Without their support, no organization can think about the fulfillment of their engineering projects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job availability in this sector is expected to increase by approximately 6-7% in 2019... read more

Choosing Non-Destructive Testing As A Career Option For Veterans

There is an unmistakable rise in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) jobs. These fields are continuously progressing and there is an ever-growing requirement for technicians, quality certification experts, and assessors as infrastructure in the United States is aging... read more

Gauging Veteran Affairs - Significant Training Programs from NDT

Our veterans have given us a lot to remember, from the landings in the Normandy that rattled the German Axis troops and started the period of giving it back to the Germans, to the Vietnam success, all the way deep into the Ho-Chi-Minh trail, without asking much in return. But it is the government’s job to ensure... read more