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3 Industries that Hire NDT Technicians Round the Year

As the demand for NDT (nondestructive testing) technicians in the US continues to surge, it’s not surprising that many people are contemplating this field as their career. Offering higher pay, work-life balance, and other perks, it is an excellent career choice for the young, as well as those looking for a change of pace. And once you have an NDT training certification, you have plenty of employment opportunities to consider. Here are three industries in which you can easily get employment as an NDT technician:


The aerospace industry requires NDT services throughout the year for regular maintenance of the systems and detection of defects and discontinuities in airframes and engines. If you have expertise in NDT techniques such as liquid penetrant testing and Magnetic particle testing, you might want to consider aviation to kickstart or advance your career.

Water treatment

The water treatment industry often looks for NDT services for the inspection of the plant, which usually includes detecting corrosion in water equipment. NDT methods such as Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and a few others enable it to access critical areas in a piece of equipment without disassembling it. For those looking for a high-paying job with an improved work-life balance, the water treatment industry is the way to go.

Homeland security

You probably didn’t know this, but many positions offered by the state and federal security involve applications and use of NDT services. For example, detection and inspection of hidden weapons and explosives at security checkpoints demand NDT testing. If you have acquired NDT training certification and have an interest in the detection of biological or chemical agents, you can opt for home security for employment.

If you are interested in NDT and looking for an NDT school to get certification, feel free to get in touch with us today.