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Fact 1: After Completing my training , will I work as certified level I or II.

After completion of your NDT Training, you will start your job as a trainees and you will work under either certified Level II technician or a NDT Level III individual and obtain your required OJT hours.

Fact 2: Can I finish my OJT Hours before formal training?

No, Your OJT hours will be only counted once you will finish your formal training.

Fact 3: Once I get my required OJT hours , will I become automatically certified level I or II

No, Once you get your required OJT hours , you need to approach to your supervisor , manager or your company level III for your NDT Certification. You may need to give once again examination or not depends on your company written practice.

Fact 4: During the training , will I get chance to practice on the testing equipment?

Yes, In fact you have to do every day practical ( Hands on Training) on the equipment 4-6 Hours depends on the method.

Fact 5: Will the training hours will be also considered as On Job Training.

No, Classroom hours will be not considered as On Job Training, your hours start after finishing formal classroom NDT Training.