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Interpretation of radiograph is the analysis of the shadow image formed on the film by radiation transmission pattern of the test specimen. The image is evaluated in terms of internal and external discontinuities of the specimen. Supporting information such as radiography test parameters, part geometry etc. and good knowledge about metallurgy, manufacturing process and flaw detection capability of radiographic technique is required for proper interpretation.

Competence in interpretation is acquired gradually by experience and critical analysis of the indications, sometimes supported by other NDT methods or metallographic. Though training cannot replace the experience but it can definitely act as catalyst and considerably accelerate the learning process
NDT Consultancy Services provides personnel for Radiographic Film Interpretation

      Radiographic Film of weldment
      Radiographic Film of Casting or Forging


Applicable Code/Standard  used for Radiographic Testing and Film Interpretation

*   ASME Section I, Boilers

*   ASME Section VIII, Pressure Vessels

*   ASME B31.1, Power Piping

*   ASME B31.3, Petrochemical Piping

*   API 6A

*   AWS D1.1

*   API 5L

*   API 1104

 Application of Radiographic Testing


*      Nuclear Industries
*      Ship Building Industries
*      Oil Industries
*      Refinery and Petrochemical Industries
*      Steel Industries
*      Aerospace Industries

Equipment which are tested by Radiographic Testing

*      Off - shore platforms
*      Construction and maintenance of pipelines
*      Pressure vessels
*      Bridges
*      Cranes Tanks and tankers
*      Aerospace vehicles
*      Power generation equipment
*      Research facility