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Ultrasonic Testing 

Ultrasonic flaw detection has long been the preferred method for nondestructive testing in welding applications. This safe, accurate, and simple technique has pushed ultrasonic to the forefront of inspection technology. This refracted sound wave will bounce off a reflector (discontinuity) in the path of the sound beam. With proper angle beam techniques, echoes returned from the weld zone may allow the operator to determine the location and type of discontinuity.

Ultrasonic weld inspections are typically performed using a straight beam transducer in conjunction with an angle beam transducer and wedge.

This ultrasonic inspection may include the root, sidewall, crown, and heat-affected zones of a weld. The process involves scanning the surface of the material around the weldment with the transducer.

The most commonly occurring defects in welded joints are porosity, slag inclusions, lack of side-wall fusion, and lack of inter-run fusion, lack of root penetration, undercutting, and longitudinal or transverse cracks
NDT Consultancy Services provides inspection in Ultrasonic Testing (UT): Ultrasonic Training

Thickness measurement
Manual Shear wave Examination of weldment and other complex geometry
Manual Compression or Shear Wave Examination of Casting /Forging

Applicable Codes for Ultrasonic Inspection 

ASME Section V, Article 4, 2004 Edition
ASME Section I, Boilers
ASME Section VIII, Pressure Vessels
ASME B31.1, Power Piping
ASME B31.3, Petrochemical Piping
AWS D1.1                        
API 1104                                                                                   
API 6AUltrasonic Training

Application  of Ultrasonic Inspection:                                                                    

Industries where Ultrasonic Inspection is used:

 *    Nuclear Industries
 *    Ship Building Industries
 *    Oil Industries
 *    Refinery and Petrochemical Industries
 *    Steel Industries
 *    Aerospace Industries

Equipments tested with Ultrasonic Ispection Method:

 *    Off - shore platforms
 *    Construction and maintenance of pipelines
 *    Pressure vessels
 *    Bridges                                                     
 *    Cranes Tanks and tankers                                       
 *    Aerospace vehicles
 *    Power generation equipment
 *    Research facility