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Visual and Optical Testing is one of the essential inspection method of non-destructive testing. In Visual Inspection, the probing medium is light the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength of 380-770 nm that is capable of exiting the human retina. Visual testing requires adequate illumination of the test surface and proper eye-sight of the person performing this inspection.

Visual Testing is performed as direct visual testing, remote visual testing and translucent visual testing. Various mechanical and optical aid such as mirror, magnifier, bore scope, fiber scope and videos scopes are used when human eye get limitation. Light lens systems such as bore scopes and fiber scope allow remote surfaces to be examined which permit the introduction of the device into very small access holes detect minor discontinuities and most of the equipment is capable to make permanent record also.

NDT Consultancy Services provides testing in Visual and Optical Inspection (VT) services;
          -Visual Welding Inspection
          -Weld Inspection Audits as per approved WPS / PQR or per Engineering Specification
          -Visual Weld Accept-Reject as per applicable Codes/Specification

Above services will be provided through personnel certified as

      CSWIP 3.1
      ASNT Level II as per SNT-TC-1A
      ASNT NDT Level III

Applicable Code/Specification used for Visaul and Optical Examination
      ASME Section V, 2004 Edition
      ASME Section I, Boilers
      ASME Section VIII, Pressure Vessels
      ASME B31.1, Power Piping
      ASME B31.3, Petrochemical Piping
      API 6A
      AWS D1.1

Application of Visual and Optical Examination
*      Nuclear Industries
*      Ship Building Industries
*      Oil Industries
*      Refinery and Petrochemical Industries
*      Steel Industries
*      Aerospace Industries

*      Off - shore platforms
*      Construction and maintenance of pipelines
*      Pressure vessels
*      Bridges
*      Cranes Tanks and tankers
*      Aerospace vehicles
*      Power generation equipment
*      Research facility