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Our online multimedia Radiographic Film Interpretation -Level II,  training is deigned to fulfill the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A , CP -189,  other equivalent standards and customer specific written practice for training and certification of NDE personnel. In this method will get in depth knowledge of basic radiation physics, film sensitometry, exposure techniques, interpretation of artifacts and evaluation various product discontinuities. This course will give you 24 hours of credit for your certification in this method. A minimum 40 hours are required to meet ASNT SNT-TC-1A 2011 required. Remaining 16 hours will be acheaved as a practical ( Hands on Training) after complition of online training.   

During this course training you will give examination in General theory and Specification. You are required to successfully pass these examinations with minimum of 70% grading.  To meet complete training requirement of ASNT SNT-TC-1A 2011 , you are required to have practical training and examination too, which you can be scheduled with us after successfull complition of this course. Your avarage grading of all three examination should be 80% minimum.

Radiography involves the use of penetrating X-ray or gamma radiation to examine the parts and products for imperfections. An X-ray generator or radioactive isotope is used as a source of radiation. Radiation is passed through a specimen onto film or other imaging media. The resulting shadow image shows the dimensional features of the part. Possible imperfections are indicated as density changes on the film in the same manner as a medical X-ray shows broken bones.