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Cut down your Employee Training Costs with Online NDT Courses

Are you looking for smarter ways to offer NDT training to your employees that is available at any time, allowing them to train at their own pace with the best instructors in almost any location with consistency? Online NDT certification courses are the solution! The courses are designed to deliver the highest quality NDT training to individuals over the Internet through video and creating an engaging and interactive experience for learners that don't just allow organizations to train their employees but helps them cut down their training costs to a great extent.

A More Time-Saving and Cost-Effective Approach to Traditional Learning Methods

A candidate requiring certification in Radiographic Inspection, for example, would typically have to come to a classroom environment/laboratory for two weeks. With the online approach, instead of having a candidate come for 80 hours of training, it really gets down to just 40 hours — if the candidate is able to complete and pass the virtual training test. By avoiding the use of traditional learning methods, NDT certification training courses reduce the total effort of training and cost of training by nearly 50% if not more.

NDT Online Training Programs Aren’t Just Another Virtual Learning Training Course

Most of the online training courses in the past consisted of screenshots or Power Point presentations. NDT certification training programs aren’t just another virtual learning training course. They use high definition video to provide clear, close-up video demonstrations on various techniques from subject matter experts while viewers interact with the instructor asynchronously through email. There are interactive quizzes that allow your employees to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding as they progress through a course. Get a question wrong and the program takes them back through the information to make sure they not only get it right but also understand it. The modular design of NDT certification courses allows organizations to customize the training for their company — based on their unique requirements.

You get access to an online video library full of techniques, methods which your employees can use as a refresher to their training. Security measures verify the amount of time your employees spend on the program, helping you ensure that only authorized individuals are taking the course.

NDT Online Training Programs Ensure Consistency

If you go to six different training programs, there are going to be six different presentations. With NDT online training programs, every student gets the same high level, complete, consistent course, covering the body of knowledge that's essential for them to be a practitioner in non-destructive testing. Even if different employees are trained months or years apart, they'll all receive the same consistent training.

Looking for innovative ways to provide NDT training to your employees? Start training your staff with the NDT certification course by NDTCS today!