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Radiography Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing is one of several methods used in nondestructive testing to locate discontinuities that are open to the surface. Typical applications include the detection of cracks, porosity and "through leaks" leaks that pass from one surface to another

Materials, processes, and procedures used in liquid penetrant testing are designed to facilitate capillarity and to make the results of such action visible and capable of interpretation

Because of the basic characteristics of liquid penetrant testing, it is used to test a variety of both metallic and nonmetallic materials such as welds, forging, castings, plastics, and ceramics etc. Since liquid penetrant testing is capable of economically revealing surface discontinuities in a variety of dissimilar materials, it is one of the most effective tools available to quality assurance personnel.

NDT Consultancy Services provides testing and training in Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT) our inspection includes:

  • Water Washable Visible Penetrant Test
  • Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrant Test
  • Solvent Removable Visible Penetrant Test
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

Applicable Code/Specification used for Liquid Penetrant Examination

  • ASME Section V, 2004 Edition
  • ASME Section I, Boiler
  • ASME Section VIII, Pressure Vessels
  •  API 6A

Application of Liquid Penetrant Testing:

Nuclear Industries
Ship Building Industries
Oil Industries
Refinery and Petrochemical Industries
Steel Industries
Aerospace Industries

Equipment which is tested by the Liquid Penetrant Testing Method

Offshore platforms
Construction and maintenance of pipelines
Pressure vessels
Cranes Tanks and tankers
Aerospace vehicles
Power generation equipment
Research facility