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Notification of Complaint to the Accrediting Agency

A student may also file a written complaint with the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) Complaints to the Association must be in writing. They should be sent to:

American Society for Nondestructive Testing
PO Box 28518 
1711 Arlingate Lane 
Columbus, OH 43228-0518

Notification of Complaint to the Texas Workforce Commission

A student who is dissatisfied with the school director's response can file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission:

Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools, and Colleges, Room 226T

101 East 15th Street, Austin, Texas 78778-0001, Phone: (512) 936-3100

Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found on TWC’s Career Schools and Colleges Website at texasworkforce.org/careerschools.


Student Complaints(Grievance Procedure)

Complaints are defined as any student concern regarding the school programs, services, or staff.  A student who has a concern about a school-related issue is encouraged to schedule a conference with the school director to find a resolution. If an issue is not resolved to a student's satisfaction through the conference, the student can file a formal complaint in writing with the school director who will formally investigate the complaint, take appropriate action, and provide a written response to the student by the10th business days after the day the formal written complaint is received by member of the school faculty or staff.  Note: a conference with the director is not required before a student files a formal written complaint.

What Does NDT or NDE stand for?

NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) is a method of examining a part or assembly without altering or destroying the test object. It is used extensively in all types of operations requiring the use of machinery and piping systems, such as offshore, refineries, shipbuilding, aviation, and nuclear plants. Since NDT allows a thorough inspection of a component without damaging or altering the integrity of the component, it is a valuable technique that can save time and money in product inspection. Ensuring product reliability in the operation of any component is the goal of NDT, to protect lives and property. There is no real difference in NDT and NDE; it is just a choice by different industries.

What is difference between Level I, II and III?

NDT certification schemes conform to three levels of qualification designated as Levels I, II, and III.
Level I is qualified to perform work under direct supervision of higher level technicians. Test results may be reported, but no data evaluation may be done by Level I technicians. Work is typically done according to specific work instructions.
Level II technicians are qualified to set up and calibrate testing equipment, conduct testing according to standards, with some flexibility in decision-making, and also to supervise Level technicians. They are also able to interpret and evaluate test results.
Level III are engineers or experienced technicians who may establish NDT procedures, direct training and laboratories. They are expected to have a wide knowledge of materials, fabrication, and technology. Progression in certification for each test method requires weeks of classroom training and up to hundreds of hours of on-the-job training

What level of training will I get after completion of classes?

In some courses like MT, PT, VT, DTM, RTFI and ML, you will get Level I & II both but in some courses as UT, RT & ET, you can choose to take only Level I or both Level I & II. Please you will get if you selected a particular package.

Can I take direct level II training classes?

NDT courses like MT, PT, VT, DTM, RTFI and ML required no any prerequisite so you can take Level I & II both together but courses as UT, RT & ET required prerequisite of Level I to go directly for Level II there for you have to do Level I first and then go for Level II training.

Is there any gap required between Level I & II training classes?

No gap is required for training. You can attend level I & II course back to back.

What is minimum educational requirement for training?

Minimum High School /GED or equivalent

What are certification requirements?

Candidate for certification in NDT Method should have sufficient following to ensure qualification in those NDT methods in which they are being considered for certification.
Experience (OJT)
Vision Test

How can I register for a training program?

Registration can be processed directly on this website. Fill up all the details asked on the registration page and click submit button in bottom of registration page.

Will I be notified that my registration has been accepted and processed?

The system will send a confirmation directly to your email upon completion of your registration. Another email will be sent confirming or canceling the class 10 business days before the start date of the class.

Will I be certified if I pass the training course I am attending?

No, training is only one part of the requirement for certification as per the requirement of ASNT SNT-TC-1A or NAS 410. Experience, eye examinations and other requirements, as defined in the employers written practice, must be also met as a prerequisite for certification in particular method. A training certificate will be issued to all who satisfactorily complete the course.

Do I need to bring my own calculator in the class?

We recommend that students bring their own calculators in the class since they will usually be more familiar with the use.

If I will leave the course early, will I receive a refund?

Following are the Refunds and Cancellation Policy of NDT Consultancy Services Inc (NDTCS):
1) If course is canceled by NDTCS, all amount of course fees will be refunded.
2) If participant cancels within 15 working days prior to starting of course, all amounts of course will be refunded.
3) If participant cancels between 6 & 14 working days prior to starting day of the course, only 50% of the course fees will be refunded.
4) No refunds will be given for cancellation within 5 working days of the course starting.
5) No refund quitting course after starting the training.
6) There will be a $ 50 service charges up on the refunds of fees when payment made by Credit card

What are class timings?

Training classes will held at our Houston NDT Training center and run Mon- Fri from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Where do I find the NDT Consultancy Services training centers?

The addresses and phone numbers of our locations can be found on the location page of this website.

Do you have hotel information and a list of hotels with special rates?

You are own responsible for booking and paying the Hotels. NDTCS is not responsible any way.

Where do I find the NDT Consultancy Services training centers?

NDT Consultancy Services Inc.
8714 Jones Road, Houston, Texas -77065
Tel. (832) 237-2800, 1-877-237-2858 (Toll-Free)