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Exploring Career Paths at the Job Fair

Exploring Career Paths at the Job Fair

At a recent job fair, attendees had the opportunity to explore various career paths and engage with professionals in the field. One of the booths that stood out was dedicated to a rigorous NDT Inspector Program, as advertised on their colorful and informative banner.

The booth was manned by three representatives, ready to answer any queries and provide insights into what the program entails. Various tools and equipment were on display in non-destructive testing (NDT), giving prospective students a tangible feel of their future jobs.

Brochures and flyers were neatly laid out on the table, each packed with information on course details, career prospects, and how to enroll. The representatives engaged with attendees, sharing personal experiences and offering a glimpse into a day in the life of an NDT inspector.

As attendees walked away with brochures in hand, there was a palpable sense of excitement in the air - another step closer to embarking on a rewarding career path equipped with skills that are in high demand across various industries.

Date: 2023-12-13
NDT Consultancy Services Inc. moved to a New Location

Now we have moved to a new location:
NDT Consultancy Services Inc Address:

8714 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77065
Office Number: 832 (832)-237-2800
For More Information Go To:https://ndtcs.com/location

Date: 2020-10-04
Virtual Training in-place of Classroom Training


To Students:

First, I hope you are all safe and in a comfortable place where you can manage through these unprecedented times. Our thoughts are with anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly, and we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery.

Second, I wanted to let our students know that we are dedicated to continuing to deliver high-quality training to you, in a safe and secure environment while also honoring our commitment to protecting our students from the further spread of illness.

We began to transition our training to be remote. Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, we will start offering our classes online through meeting tools. This process will continue throughout the coming days until the situation comes to normal. We will do the hands-on training part later as the condition permits.

Need any further information please call undersigned for more information?

S.B Prasad

Director Education/President

Tel. 832-646-7292 ©

Date: 2020-03-16
Continue On Campus Interview on 03/11/2019 at 9.30 AM

Continue ON Campus Interview on 03/11/2019 at 9.00 AM, 
Send your resume to ndt@ndtcs.com. 
Location: 11210 Steeplecrest Dr. Suite 370, Houston TX 77065

Position Details: The position is with my company, Code Inspection & Testing Co, for entry-level NDE personnel with documented classroom training. The candidate would begin as a VT technician while getting OJT hours for Level I RT and UT methods and eventually Level II RT and UT methods.

The candidate would be working in a pipe mill, which is a facility that makes a pipe for the oil and gas industries. The candidate would be working in the quality control department performing visual and NDE inspections of the pipe welded seams as fabricated. The facility is operated 7 days a week, 24 hours per day and the candidate would be required to work shifts, alternating between days and nights every other week or as needed.

The pay scale begins at $17.00 per hour and progresses upward as the candidate's skills and OJT hours increases and would eventually increase up to $35.00/$36.00 per hour, once certified as a combination Level II UTSW and RT technician.

The position is in Portland, Oregon and would require the candidate to relocate, as the facility is looking for full-time local candidates and are ultimately looking to hire the candidate from my company and become a permanent long-term facility employee.

Travel assistance of $800.00 will be paid to assist the candidate in traveling to Portland and a per diem of $120.00 per day will be paid for the 1st 30 days of employment to cover hotel costs while the candidates get acclimated to the area and can find himself local housing.

After a probationary period of 90 days, the candidate will be eligible for full benefits of Code Inspection & Testing Co.

Date: 2019-03-08
Job Opening - Open Interview on 1st November 2018

All Alumni of NDTCS 
If you are still looking for a Job!  Walking Interview on 1st November 2018 at NDTCS School from 10AM-3PM to fillup Following Positions.

Brookfield, WI NDT Level II 2
Brookfield, WI NDT Assistant 2
Corpus, TX NDT Assistant 2
Farmington, NM NDT Assistant 1
Iron Mountain, MI NDT Level II –UT 2
Longview, TX NDT Level II 3
Midland, TX NDT Assistant 4
Milwaukee, WI NDT Assistant 2
Minden, LA Level II RT 1
Neenah, WI NDT Assistant 2
Smithville, MO RT Assistant 1

Send your resume to ndt@ndtcs.com ASAP

Date: 2018-10-18
Veterans Financial Aids - NDT Training School Houston.

NDT Consultancy Services Inc. is an approved school to train veterans and other eligible persons under provisions of Title 38, United States Code for NDT Technician Training and Comprehensive NDT Package program. We accept veterans under the following chapters.

Chapter 30: Montgomery Bill - Active Duty  

Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation 

Chapter 32: Post-Vietnam Era Educational Assistance   

Chapter 33: Post 9/11 

Chapter 35: Dependents Education Assistance (DEA)

Chapter 1606: Montgomery  Bill - Selected Reserve

Call us for more information. 

The benefit programs change frequently so if you have questions about VA benefits and eligibility, please call VA Education Phone Number 1.888.442.4551

Date: 2018-06-14
Financial Aid Available for NDT Technician Training Program

Now Financial aid is available for NDT Technician Training Program.   This is a 6-weeks (224 Hours) Program which will contain MT, PT, VT, UT and RT Level I & II. Eligible Candidates may get up to $6000 financial aid from Texas Workforce Solution. Call 832-237-2800 for more information.

Date: 2018-01-23
Financial Aid available

Financial Aid is available through Texas work Force Solutions. NDT Consulatncy Services Inc. is now approved to accept Finacial Aid, provide by Texas Work Force Solutions. Following are the steps to apply for Financial Aid 

School: NDT Consultancy Services Inc.

Program: Comprehensive NDT Package – PT, MT, VT, ML, UT, ET, RT, DRT and RTFI NDT Level I & II – 11 Weeks – 452 Hours

Date: 2016-12-22
Financial Aid available through Texas Workforce Solutions

Financial Aid is available through Texas work Force Solutions. NDT Consulatncy Services Inc. is now approved to accept Finacial Aid  provide by Texas Work Force Solutions. Following are the steps to apply for Financial Aid 

School: NDT Consultancy Services Inc.

Program: Comprehensive NDT Package – PT, MT, VT, ML, UT, ET, RT, DRT and RTFI NDT Level I & II – 11 Weeks – 452 Hours

Follow steps below:

  1. Proceed to the nearest Texas workforce solutions office in the Houston Gulf Coast area
  2. Fill up Financial Aid/Services application to determine your eligibility. Eligibility depends on employment status, total household income, and other factors.
  3. Normally Texas workforce solutions representative will contact you in about one week to inform you the decision on Financial Aid.
  4. Once your application is approved, please bring your Application for financial Aid (Individual Referral/Cost obligation) Form to NDT Consultancy Services office to complete the school information and signature.
  5. Please bring your High School/GED or college diploma along with above application form also.
  6. Please take the signed Application for financial Aid form to submit back to Texas workforce solutions office.
  7. Texas workforce solutions will be issuing a Fee Voucher to you after completing their formalities.
  8. Please bring the received Fee Voucher to NDT Consultancy Services Inc. and start your training .

Date: 2016-08-03
Licensed TWC- Career Schools and Colleges

NDT Consultancy Services Inc. proud to announce that our career school is licenced by Texas Work Force Commission - Career Schools and Colleges. Our school is licensed by Texas Workforce Commission - Career Schools and Colleges (School # S4926) on 30th March 2016.

Date: 2016-03-30