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Liquid Penetrant Testing - Level  I & II



Course Duration:     2 Days (16 Hours)                                                                                                  Course Fees:     $650                                                                       
Dye Penetrant Testing Course – Level I & II, Classroom NDT training course is developed to meet the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, CP -189, NAS 410 and other equivalent standards and customer specific written practice for training and certification in this method of Non-Destructive Testing personnel.
After completion of this liquid penetrant testing class, you will get in-depth knowledge of Physics of Liquid Penetrant Testing, materials and applications of Liquid Penetrant Testing methods to test various ferrous and nonferrous product forms for discontinuities open to the surface. 

Training Examination & Certification Requirement:
During this Liquid Penetrant Testing training classes, you will give examination in General theory, Specification and Practical. You are required to successfully pass these three examinations with minimum of 70% grading in each examination and average grading of all three examinations should be 80% minimum as per the requirement of ASNT SNT-TC-1A 2016 or NAS 410

OJT Hours: As per the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, you need to have a minimum of 210 Hours on-job training (OJT) after completion of training classes for certification in this method.

Basic Theory of Liquid Penetrant  Testing
Test objects are coated with visible or fluorescent dye solution. Excess dye is then removed from the surface, and a developer is applied. The developer acts as a blotter, drawing trapped penetrant out of imperfections open to the surface. With visible dyes, vivid color contrasts between the penetrant and developer make "bleed out" easy to see. With fluorescent dyes, ultraviolet light is used to make the bleed out fluoresce brightly, thus allowing imperfections to be readily seen.

Course Description:

  • History of Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Physics of Liquid Penetrant Testing  
  • Classification of Penetrant System  
  • Pre-cleaning & Post Cleaning
  • Liquid Penetrant Processing  
  • Liquid Penetrant Methods  
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing Equipment
  • Interpretation and Evaluation
  • Classification of discontinuities
  • Codes and Standards 

Hands-on Training (Practical) Outlines:

  • Pre-Cleaning & Post Cleaning
  •  Visible Water washable method  
  • Visible solvent removable method
  • Fluorescent Water Washable method  
  • Fluorescent Lipophilic Post Emulsifier Method  
  • Fluorescent Hydrophilic Post Emulsifier Method
  • Welding & Thread Inspection
  • Discontinuity Interpretation & Evaluation   

Training Material
Training material is supplied at the start of training and divided into different sections followed by practice worksheets and quizzes. Training books also include some referencing code & specifications for examination procedure and for acceptance.
Referencing Code and Standards

  • ASTM E 1209 – Fluorescent Water Washable Examination  
  • ASTM E 1417- Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • ASTM E 165- Standard Test Method for Liquid Penetrant Examination  
  • ASME Sec VIII Division 2 – Appendix 8 for Acceptance of Liquid Penetrant Examination